Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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The next War Council meeting will be held on June 4 beginning at 10 a.m. using the online "Zoom" application. instructions including an ID and password have been provided in a separate email sent to all Council members on June 1.

NOTE: Zoom can be used on most smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. Zoom enables users to simultaneously see, hear and speak to all others who have logged on. Laptops and computers without cameras will only eliminate others from seeing you. They will still be able to hear you and you will be able to see and hear others.

Our missions are to:

  • create a mutual understanding and cultivation of comradeship, friendship and cooperation among veterans organizations
  • discuss legislation and other matters that affect the general welfare of our state’s veterans and their families
  • protect the United States of America’s free and democratic institutions, its principles and to defend our U.S. Constitution and laws
  • teach patriotism and Americanism to citizens of the Commonwealth as a whole
  • encourage in all people that spirit of understanding which may guard us against future wars 

WANTED FOR ROBBERY! Download and disseminate a poster that warns veterans to be on the lookout for predators who are breaking the law by charging veterans to file claims. Please click here for the poster.