Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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Keith Beebe (MOAA)


John Brenner (VFW)

Bruce Foster (TAL)

John Getz (VFW)

Bob Gray (MOAA)

Richard Hudzinski (VVA)

Chuck Jackson (MOPH)

Sam Petrovich (DAV)

    William Whitmoyer (TAL)




•  Seek an independent, outside of government, comprehensive study on how to best achieve long-term care for veterans in need of state assistance.

•  Preserve without change or modification the Commonwealth’s law concerning small dollar loans (aka Pay Day loans) which is in conformance with federal law concerning such loans to service personnel.

•  Increase the current level of funding for Act 66 Outreach programs and continue to seek additional funding for upcoming state Fiscal Year (FY) budgets.   Seek an outside audit of the performance of the program.

•  Seek state legislation which would allow sentenced veterans to apply for a post-conviction review of their sentences if Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) were incurred while serving their country.  In addition, supplement the Veterans Court movement by adding the requirement that every County District Court of Common Pleas take positive steps to identify veterans appearing before them and perform professionally-approved, professionally-assessed pre-sentencing investigations for PTSD and TBI.

•  Create a state bonus for service in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (War on Terror).

•  Increase funding for the Veterans Transportation Network.

•  Caring for veterans affected by drug and alcohol abuse.